Real estate coach

Real estate coach

Real estate coach

What's it?

A property coach is a professional who provides advice and personalised support to people who want to invest in property or who have specific property projects in mind. The role of the property coach is to guide clients through the entire process, from the initial decision to the completion of their project.

Our role

Advice and guidance

Real estate coaches help their customers to define their real estate objectives and establish a strategy tailored to their personal and financial situation.

Market analysis

The real estate coach carries out in-depth research into the local property market, gaining a thorough understanding of the market.

Decision-making support

Depending on their clients’ needs and objectives, real estate coaches can advise them on buying, selling or renting a property. They help them make informed decisions by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Real estate coaches work closely with their clients, helping them to overcome potential obstacles, assess risks and resolve problems that may arise during the real estate process.

Professional network

A well-established real estate coach can access an extensive network of real estate professionals, such as agents, brokers, lenders and contractors. He or she can recommend reliable contacts to facilitate transactions and administrative procedures.

Advice on all your property projects.

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Interview at the property to be sold or rented: accompanied by the coach, you will tour the property to be put on the market. An interview lasting +/- 1 hour, which will give you all the basic information you need to know to start the various steps. Together, you’ll study the possibilities and feasibility of the project, based on the state of the current property market.