Rent with peace of mind

Rent hassle-free

Take advantage of our 20 years’ experience in rental and property management to offer you the best possible service. Because renting out your property is a major commitment, we can help you with every aspect of the process. Professional photo coverage, collection of legal documents and certificates, targeted advertising, visits, choice of tenant, drafting of the lease, monitoring of the rental guarantee, organisation of the entry inspection, registration and handover of the keys. And throughout the rental period, you can take advantage of our Legal Hotline for expert advice. As well as support in indexing the rent each year and in calculating service charges.


Renting out


Renting out a property can’t be improvised. From the very first meeting, we check that everything is ready to welcome the tenant. A full dossier, a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPB), a smoke detector, electrical compliance, that the property complies with the housing code and a few practical tips to make renting and managing the property easier.

Staging and marketing

Presenting your property in its best light is essential for letting and attracting prospective tenants. We provide a professional photo report, a full measurement and a survey of all technical and structural aspects. A detailed description will be provided to prospective tenants, giving them all the details they need.

Visits and applications

Your estate agent will organise and carry out visits to your property on an individual basis. He or she will collect the various applications from potential tenants and analyse them with you. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll start the process of drawing up the lease.

Lease and administrative

Once the tenant has been found, your estate agent will draw up the lease agreement. A lease that complies with and is up to date with new regulations. He or she will also help you organise an expert inventory of fixtures (or an amicable one), take the necessary steps to set up a rental guarantee, hand over the keys, take out tenants’ liability insurance and read the meters.

Good idea

Rental management

Have you heard of the rental management service? A unique service that manages your tenant for you. We manage all the administrative, financial, technical and legal aspects for you. Worry-free ownership and peace of mind.


Contact your personal estate agent for free advice!

Why let your property to a professional?

An estate agent can offer a number of advantages when letting a property. Here are some of the most common benefits:

Professional expertise: Your personal estate agent has in-depth knowledge of the property market, including current trends, rents and sought-after neighbourhoods. Their expertise can help you make informed decisions and rent on the best terms.

Property search and selection: Your personal estate agent can carry out in-depth research to find properties that match your specific criteria. They can save you time by filtering the options and presenting you with only those properties that best meet your needs.

Peace of mind: estate agents will provide you with applications from potential tenants.

Access to a professional network: Estate agents often have access to a vast professional network that can be useful (relocations, property hunters, embassies, etc.) when letting your property. They can also recommend professionals such as surveyors (inventory of fixtures), EPB certifiers, insurers, photographers, etc.

Handling administrative formalities: Renting out a property involves a lot of paperwork and administrative formalities. A personal estate agent can help you navigate through these processes and ensure that you get the most out of your property.